OBLVLO Knight Series Skeleton Automatic Mechanical Watch LeatherStrap RMS-U-BBB

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In 2022, OBLVLO launched its landmark watch series - RM Knight Series. Its RM-S-U solo moon watch, which represents the brand's boldness, adventure, innovation and chivalry, has become the representative of this series.

The solo moon watch is a creative work of Opel Robbie, which strives for perfection. It combines bold and innovative design with bright and colorful color matching style, giving consideration to both dynamic and delicate. The double-layer hollow disk design, the surface geometry represents the sword in the hands of the knight, and the bottom carbon burning process presents the texture of the moon surface. The upper and lower surfaces reflect and collide, making the overall style more avant-garde and cool, and injecting vitality into the watch. The watch is equipped with seiko nh70 movement, which gives it excellent stability while displaying mechanical beauty. There are two types of watches to choose from. One is a steel band watch chain, and the other is a three-dimensional calfskin strap, to meet the needs of the wearer for a variety of convenience.