OBLVLO is a young independent watch brand from France, founded in 1982 in Paris, France by founder PATRICK GNATTO. Adhering to more than 250 years of fine watchmaking tradition in the French watchmaking base of Morto, OBLVLO advocates creating an elegant French lifestyle at a reasonable price, letting fashion and romance bloom on the wrist.

OBLVLO is designed in Paris, France, and is produced and assembled in Morto. It perfectly combines the romantic and elegant French cultural heritage with rigorous and precise watchmaking craftsmanship. It uses passionate design, colorful changes and extraordinary quality. Let the wearer experience French romance and luxury.
As a young watch brand, OBLVLO relies on its distinctive style characteristics and brand-new price system to give the watch a different expression. She is a symbol, a change, and a gesture, and time becomes passionate and happy.


Precision mechanical movement

The movement is the most important component of every Opelo watch. The basic movement of Opel comes from professional manufacturers such as ETA in Switzerland and CITIZEN in Japan to ensure the accuracy of timekeeping. Opelo’s watchmakers optimize these basic components, add special functions to them, and give them pleasing polished decorations. Most of the new functions are improvements to the internal structure of the movement. After the completion of the improvement, the movement will be polished and decorated by craftsmen very carefully. The back cover of almost all Opelo watches is made of high-hardness sapphire crystal, which allows people to appreciate its gorgeous and precise internal structure at a glance. Therefore, Opelo watches are very popular among watch lovers and collectors.


Hollow craft dial

The hollowing process can be said to be the most unique among many disk surface designs, and it is also a design with a great contrast between aesthetics and visual effects. For watch brands, how to perfectly combine the large amount of white space on the hollow disk surface and the mechanical feeling presented by the movement parts to become a new sense of art is a very difficult problem, and they dare to expose the movement to the wearer. In fact, it must be full of confidence in his mature watchmaking craftsmanship and polishing skills. The dials of Opelo watches are all hollowed out. The BW series of ladies watches are inlaid with crystals on the mechanical movement. The gorgeous sparkle of the crystal and the precision and toughness of the movement meet, and outline the new French spirit of modern women: classic and sparkling ,control. The dials of men's watches are decorated with gemstones and PVD coatings, using sophisticated and complex craftsmanship to show the fun and sensibility of Opelo men.