Since its debut on the international market, we has chosen the phrase “Laboratorio di Idee” to indicate its commitment to the continuous search for innovative technical solutions that will raise the standards and performance of its watches ever higher. The word “laboratorio”, Latin in origin, evokes the resourcefulness of the family, natives of Florence who not only founded the

first watch workshop in the city in 1860, but who also transformed a family activity into a forwardlooking company capable of creating innovations and revolutionary products which have become classics in the history of watchmaking.


The Laboratorio di Idee is above all embodied in the Research & Development Department where all the technical projects are created and perfected by the skilled hands of the watchmakers
and engineers who instill the craftsmanship and perfection of form demanded by the highest standards in the field. These 50 highly specialised workers, operate very closely with the design

department, which is based in Italy where it draws inspiration from the historic archives of the brand, thus ensuring that every new creation is consistent with the unmistakable identity.


In assembling watches, absolute precision and a high degree of specialisation are required. The extreme example of this is to be found in the Atelier Haute Horlogerie, the department of the Manufacture where the most highly skilled Master Watchmakers bring the most sophisticated, prestigious in-house calibres to life.

The stage of assembling and adjusting the movements is fundamentally important in ensuring the maximum accuracy of the watch. It is performed by hand and, in the case of the more complicated calibres, it requires the remarkable skills and abilities of a Master Watchmaker operating entirely in the Atelier Haute

Horlogerie, that is, the department of the Manufacture in which movements are assembled with the most impressive, sophisticated complications. It is in this workshop that movements are assembled and adjusted by hand.