Equation Of Time

The philosophy of is expressed in the creation of precision instruments that express the passage of time in all its variations. Following this principle, the characteristic feature of the EQUATION OF TIME, a horological complication which fi ts perfectly into the mechanics of these watches.

The Equation of Time is the difference between the time shown by the watch, which is that universally adopted for convenience, and real or solar time, which varies every day owing to the eccentricity of the Earth’s orbit and the inclination of its axis. On four days a year, these two times coincide perfectly, but on all the other days they differ by up to about 15 minutes, either forwards or backwards.


THE P.2002/E
The P.2002 hand-wound calibre is the progenitor of the P.2000 series and it takes its name from the year in which the project was launched to supply watches with movements entirely designed and developed at the Manufacture in Neuchâtel. The P.2002 family is enhanced with a new member: the P.2002/E calibre. This in-house movement offers a power reserve of 8 days and Equation of Time indicator, which presents for the first time on a titanium case.